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Who want to duplicate a payday every month to get to the next level of stable income… 


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Who could be frustrated that you cannot participate in the life that you are creating...
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For Less Than $10 (the price for me to print and ship to you), you will get the full 275-page book, Real Estate Evolution.

This book is the blueprint that teaches the proprietary, SCIENTIFIC PROCESS of C.P.I, which is the key to having Consistent and Predictable Income for salespeople without letting time, money, and relationships fall through the cracks.

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  • Have more respect from others for how they view your career 
  • ​Have continuous referrals
  • Have clarity
  • Have others tell you the truth
  • ​Have the skill to help your friends find the home that they want
  • ​Have savings in the bank for when an emergency or disaster happens
  • ​Have new listings every week
  • ​Have a repuation for being amazing at your job
  • ​Have predictable closings
  • Have more buyers
  • ​Have more sellers
  • ​Have the public understand how much you impact the economy
  • Have closings
  • Have loyal clients
  • ​Have cooperation from others
  • ​Have a normal routine
  • ​Have consistency
  • ​Have a safe environment
  • Have highly qualified clients
  • ​Have decisive buyers
  • ​Have a multitude of success stories

Introducing Real Estate  Evolution

Get More Sales, and Profits... 

  • Have happy clients
  • Have respect 
  • ​Have normalcy
"The playbook to have predictable success in real estate."

Frank Klesitz, CEO
Vyral Marketing

Jay Papasan
Co-Author of Millionaire Real Estate Agent
 with Dan Rochon
Author of Real Estate  Evolution
Ryan Holiday
Author of multiple National Best Selling Books
with Dan Rochon
Author of Real Estate Evolution
About Real Estate Evolution:

"I highly recommend the book.

"I truly enjoyed the book, not only does it give you the playbook to have predictable success in real estate, but it also gives you the mental game of achieving it."

- Mo Choumil
Owner of ATG Title Company
About Real Estate Evolution:

"The guide to success in ten steps. 

"Truly inspiration and insights to transform your business and life! Achieve consistent and predictable results with these proven methods."

- Karen Briscoe
Author and podcast host of 5 Minute Success

A limited quantity is available.

From: Dan Rochon

Re: How to get, C.P.I. (Consistent and Predictable Income) Now!

Does This Sound Familiar?  >>>

Many people new to the business will sell fewer than two homes their first year, and most likely, those will sell to a family member.

The hardest time as a real estate sales agent is during the first six months, because of the lag between our activity and payday. During this period, you work hard to grasp the basics. Simultaneously, you need to shift your energy to find the business so you can pay your bills.

It is tough for most to see their way through month after month after month of effort and notice no wages during the starting phase (trust me, I was there.)
Duane Landsdowne

It’s easy to read!

About Real Estate Evolution:

"Dan takes you through a step by step process to systematize your business into predictable inputs and outcomes. 

He gave me an actionable plan for success. 

I found his personalized story added a lot of value because I share a lot of the feelings he had right now and I hope to progress the way he did."
-Jack Cordes

"The best way to get trained is to get mentored - live or by reading or watching videos by masters. That way, you start executing based on lessons from the best. "
-Tony Robbins

“There no longer has to be a difference between who you are and what you do.”
- Gary Vaynerchuk

None Of This Is Your Fault

Experienced agents might sell 15 to 36 homes annually and have very little time to do much else. If this is you, you might feel guilty, as you are not available for other activities. Maybe you are glued to the phone most of the times and even sneak in a negotiation while you are supposed to be watching your kid's soccer game (I have been there too).  

Have you tried forming a team and realized that building a team takes a different skill than sales? You must learn how to hire, lead, train, and motivate. A few skilled agents can sell 100+ homes with the help of a team.   

Right now, you might be riding the roller coaster of sales. One month you're up and the next you're down. When you think that you have it all figured out, you find yourself rushing to the bottom of the hill. You hear a big, loud, "BOOM!" as you slam into the ground. 

You get up, dust yourself off, and ask yourself, "Now what?"  

You could ask your broker for help. He or she may or may not be able to give you the right plan to lead you to a predictable future. Their advice might be sketchy. You could attend a seminar and reach deep into your pocket to pay for the education. But that will take time and money, and they very likely will try up-selling you on another program that you cannot afford. 

There are a million and one things to do when it comes to real estate sales, and sometimes everything outside of your job description can get in your way of creating results and a predictable stream of adequate income. You might not have the clarity to solve these problems because you're busy paying your bills and trying to do everything yourself. If this problem goes unsolved, you might have no choice but to go back to a nine-to-five job in another industry or continue the pattern of receiving inconsistent, sporadic compensation. You probably seek a level of convenience and simplicity more than ever and secretly pray for a simpler and more comfortable life.

Why do so many agents fail?

Sometimes people get into the business for the wrong reasons.

They perceived easy money is to be made – and lots of it. The average real estate agent earns about $40,000 a year, and real estate sales is one of the hardest (not Alaskan crab boat fisherman hard, but emotionally hard) professions in the world. 

Selling real estate is not for everybody; in fact, it is not for most.

Another reason so many agents fail is they do not work hard enough. Perhaps they watched one too many HGTV shows that glamorized the industry. They do not understand that they are operating a business, and just like any business, it takes considerable effort to succeed.

Many agents work real estate part-time. Mostly, this is a bad idea because it takes an extraordinary effort to learn the market and techniques needed for success. If those people who sell real estate full-time probably won't make it, what do you think the odds are that you will succeed as a part-time agent? There are a few exceptions to this rule.

Most do not have their goals defined or a plan of action. And as Hall of Fame baseball catcher, Yogi Berra, said, "If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else." 

Many real estate agents are not qualified to the level that they ought to be. No significant educational options are available that are designed to raise the standard for real estate agents.

The lack of agent know-how is a danger that, if not fixed, will be damaging to both the real estate industry and to the home buyers and sellers who rely on guidance from those agents.

The barriers to entry to becoming a real estate sales agent are low.

As a result of the vast gap of knowledge, skillset, and competency needed to succeed, and the number of people who lack the requirements to be successful and pass over the low entrance barriers, many will not triumph.

That's because they run out of money, get too distracted, or don't have the guidance or mentorship they need to succeed. If you are new to real estate sales, the odds are you will fail.

In real estate school, they seldom (unless you were a student of mine) tell you that after you graduate, you will be starting a lead generation business specializing in real estate sales.

Suppose you don't get a steady pipeline of sellers or buyers, and the cash runs out, causing an entire series of issues. (Yep, I have been there as well.)

You don't want that to happen. That is bad. You need to develop the right plan now, and you don't have time for anything else. You have discovered this book, which will guide you to tackle these issues and lead you on your way to reliable closings month after month while meeting your own and your client's goals.

You will learn EXACTLY what to do. The way to consistent and predictable income will be divulged to you. 

It's True! This book will help you learn about each step of the sales process.

And here’s more great news!
First, getting good at real estate sales doesn't mean you have to spend years figuring it out like I did. Success leaves clues… it has patterns… it follows formulas everyone, including you, can use to get great results… you can get C.P.I. (Consistent and Predictable Income) FAST!
Second, not only will you not have to struggle for years, but you have a unique opportunity right now to get all of those clues, formulas, and patterns that you can use to close deals EVERY month when you grab a copy of my BRAND NEW book!

Claim Your Copy of

"Real Estate Evolution"

(This book is a step by step guide about how to make real estate sales. It reveals the secrets that you need to know.)

During my career, I have learned that to achieve predictable closings each week, there are ten areas of importance.  Each of these priorities will be shared with you in the book. They are: 
  • Develop Personally (Flourish)
  • Look for Leads
  • Convert Leads to an Appointment (Focus on Conversion)
  • Give A Great Presentation (Nail it!)
  • Get Hired
  • Get Under Contract (Connect the Buyer and Seller)
  • Get To A Successful Closing (Clear The Path)
  • ​​Get Referrals and Reviews (Have Others Sing Your Praises)
  • Build, Support, and Guide Your Team
  • Choose Profit
  • ​And much, MUCH more!

Here are a Couple of FAQs that Agents Ask:

I am just getting my license. Does it make sense for me to read this?
I suggest you focus your time and energy on studying to get your license and then read this book. The test is much harder than you think (ask any agent, and they will tell you).

Is this book written for only experienced agents?
No, I wrote this for all agents, and many of the concepts can apply to most any other business. I wrote this for you.

I do not want to build a team. Should I read this book?
Absolutely! There is much information shared that will help you in all areas of sales and business development.

If I want to build a team, will the information in this book guide me?
Yes, it will show you the foundational pieces to properly hire, agree on expectations, hold each other accountable to those expectations, train, and lead.

Is this book hard to comprehend?
This book is easy to read and understand. I will share information with you that you probably do not know that you do not know. As you read, you will realize that success as a real estate agent is easier than you ever imagined. The purpose of this book is to guide you to fulfill your potential, reach all your goals, and help you learn to be the best person you can be. I will offer ideas to support you to be able to sell more homes and earn a more consistent income.

My greatest desire is for you to succeed at a massive level. I will help you. Will you help me to help you? You’re not the type of person who would waste their time reading a book and not act. I know this because you would not have taken the time to view this page if you were not an action taker.

When you take the steps suggested in this book, you will have more certainty and consistency in your career.
When you implement the tactics that you learn, you will join the agents who have become C.P.I. Producers who had gone before you and obtained predictability and growth in their sales business.

Once you read this book and learn the systems and processes, you will be set up to net more money than ever before. You will understand how to profit from your business. Real estate agents can use the methods described in the book without a doubt. 

This Book, “Real Estate Evolution,” Will Make A Huge Difference In Your Business Too… Fast!

"Use this book as a guide to your journey. I guarantee that 
if you implement the content of this book, it will make 
a positive difference in your life and business.  You will have closings EVERY month!"

— Dan Rochon

Your Life Is About To Change!

Here’s something else I want you to know. I sincerely want to help you!
Maybe money's tight… or maybe you don't believe in yourself. Or maybe you have a spouse or a business partner who doesn't believe in you right now. And that’s okay. 

I believe in you and your desire to sell more… because you wouldn’t have read this far if you weren’t serious about making a change.
And because you’re serious, I want to do everything I can to put these secrets to consistency in your pocket... because I know they're going to work for you.
I want to give you this power... and all I want you to do is just cover the cost shipping of the book. I just want you to pay the shipping so I know you're serious and that when you get this book, you'll open it, read it, and use it (because you got a few bucks of skin in the game).
So if you'll do that, I guarantee this book will change your life… just like learning what I’ll reveal to you in the pages of the book changed my life.
Now it's your turn to discover the secrets to make more sales, achieve C.P.I. and generate more profits! These same secrets that made it possible for me to change my family's life (and the lives of people that I'll never even meet).

Here’s what to do next…

Like I mentioned before, all I ask is that you help us cover the printing and postage costs ($9.97 US).

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

There's No Catch...

There's NO hidden "continuity program" or membership here - and in case you're still wondering why I'm doing this...
Well, besides wanting to help you like I explained earlier, there are a few more reasons...
1.  Because I make no money (in fact, I lose money) from sharing my book with you (I make my money from selling real estate, ebooks, training curriculum for agents, and coaching, and more...) 

So, because of that, it doesn't hurt me to share with you my best tips, tricks, and insights when it comes to succeeding as a real estate agent. 
2. I get to introduce myself to you so that when you need a resource of a real estate agent in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington DC, you THINK OF ME as a resource to refer your clients and customers too

Also, when I provide value to you upfront, it should get you excited to buy stuff from me in the future. 
3. I'm sick and tired of seeing people fail because they don’t know the secrets of how to have consistency in sales. I want you to be successful. This is my chance to help!
Now it's time to grab your copy...   

Time Is Of The Essence...

Here's why...
As I type this, we've only printed 2,000 copies of this book for this promotion, and when they're gone... well, they're gone - you will have to pay the full retail price of $27.00.

If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.

Here Is My "Better Than FREE" Guarantee

I 100% guarantee that you'll love this book, or I'll return your shipping fee and let you keep the book anyway.
That's right. You don't even have to send the book back. Just email me or contact our help desk and I'll give you back your money… no questions asked.
Sound fair?

Claim Your Book Now Before They're All Gone... 

 This Is Truly A Limited Offer

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing all about your success selling a LOT more homes... ...resulting in C.P.I. (Consistent and Predictable Income).
Dan Rochon
P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who scroll down to the end of the letter, here's the scoop:
  • I'm mailing you a 279 page book, "Real Estate Evolution." Yes, all you pay is shipping ($9.97 US).
  • ​There's no catch... no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.
  • If you don't love the book - I'll refund your shipping costs (and you don't have to ship the book back).
So, Click the button below to get your copy now. You’re going to love it!
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