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"This book is one of my top favorites for any real estate professional. Dan is kind to share his secrets to success. Instead of attempting to figure it out on your own read this book and get on the right path."

- Jessica Peterson

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"All the essential information you need as a new or seasoned agent is in this book; it’s like 10 books in one. Reading this book gives you the essential steps for you to create a consistent and predictable income that you want and desire right now."

- Shadrach Jean

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More Happy Readers...
I am a new agent and this book continues to educate me and inform me about the industry. 

This book is jam-packed with references and resources that are current and relevant. 

Dan also didn't forget to include the words of wisdom and encouragement. 

I suggest getting a hard copy - make notes, highlight, and mark important pages! 

- Kate Lee

I’ve been license for a few years before I found this book and it helped change my business for the best. 

This is a very actionable, clear and with lots of great information book that has helped me become a more efficient real estate agent. 

If you’re an agent and looking to have systems in place, double or tripled your sales and income, this is the book for you!!! 

- Lucia Mendoza

I really enjoyed this book. Dan takes you through a step by step process to systematize your business into predictable inputs and outcomes. 

I really like how this gave me an actionable plan for success. 

I found his personalized story added a lot of value because I share a lot of the feelings he had right now and hope to progress the way he did. 

- Jack Cordes

This book is a go to guide for not only real estate agents but, for any sales profession. 

Read it again and again, you will find more every time. It is filled with personal experiences and useful knowledge. 

I wish I had this go-to guide years ago!!! 

Blessed to have it now. 

Thank you, Dan for the motivation!

- Lyn Boyd

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